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Startup Sales Tips

Marketing & Sales Strategies↗

Startup and small business marketing & sales strategy ideas and thoughts.

Sales Coaching & Training ↗

Tips, tricks, and ideas about startup sales coaching and training.

Sales Leadership & Management ↗

Thoughts on performance management, territory management, & others.

Outsourced Sales & Sales Leadership ↗

Must-read articles for startups about outsourcing sales and the risks/rewards therein.

CRM & other Sales Tools↗

Thoughts about leveraging CRM tools and sales automation applications.

Sales Metrics & Analytics↗

All things concerning sales-related key performance indicators (KPIs)

Motivating Sales Teams ↗

Best practices for motivating & incentivizing sales people; especially for startups.

Everything Startup Sales

Best practices for startups about all things marketing and sales.

Sales Blog Archive

  • Determining Product-Market Fit for Startups: Essential Metrics & Strategies
    Learn how to quickly measure product market fit and find out what it takes to be successful. Keyphrase: Measuring if you have product market fit
  • Avoiding Demand Generation Mistakes in SaaS Startups for Success
    Learn the common mistakes of demand generation for SaaS startups & how to avoid them. Discover how to create an effective lead generation strategy & track successes. Find the key to creating successful demand generation & avoiding costly losses.
  • Demand Generation Best Practices That Get Results
    Learn the best practices of demand generation in startups and how to optimize content & use social media to reach potential customers.
  • Transcription Vlog: Discussing Top Sales and Marketing Mistakes with Michael Scholl
    Gain insights on the top 15 sales and marketing mistakes from Jason Lemkin of SaaStr. Learn why money should be a motivator when hiring seasoned sales pros at Your Sales Manager.
  • Affordable Lead Generation Strategies for Small Businesses
    Discover cost-effective lead gen strategies designed for SMBs to boost your sales and grow your customer base efficiently.
  • Guide to Lead Qualification for Early Stage Companies
    Learn effective strategies for qualifying leads for early-stage companies to boost your sales potential and grow your business.
  • Lead Generation for Early Stage Startups
    Founders will gain insights into the best practices for lead generation for startups and early stage businesses
  • Video guide to creating a marketing plan
    Steps for startups to create their first marketing plan and sales strategy. Dive into product and pricing strategies to ensure alignment
  • Startup Sales Video Series: Start with a Marketing Plan
    Why startups should focus first on their marketing plan when creating their sales process as marketing is the strategy & sales the tactics
  • Video: Startup Sales Process
    We outline how many startups confuse sales stages for sales process and how understanding the latter can accelerate sales…
  • Seattle Startup Sales Consultant
    YSM is a Seattle based sales consultant and fractional sales leadership firm with leaders who have raised capital and exited businesses
  • Key Factors for Choosing a Fractional Sales Leadership Company
    Factors to consider include the company’s experience, cultural fit, flexibility, & cost structure. Understanding their process, & other…
  • How to Calculate Lead Conversion
    Learn how to calculate your lead conversion rate with this easy-to-follow blog. Every successful startup has great lead conversion rates
  • Best Interview Questions for Sales People
    Providing a list of the best interview questions for sales people. These are based upon our having interviewed thousands and hired hundreds
  • Best Sales Automation Tools
    In today’s fast-paced business world, sales automation tools have become a necessity for companies to streamline their … Read more
  • Most Important Soft Skills for a Sales Person
    From years of hiring the top sales people for startups we share what are the most important soft skills to look for in a sales person
  • How to Onboard Sales People
    Startups need to focus on sales and we share best practices for onboarding new salespeople so they can help grow revenue faster
  • What is Fractional Sales Leaderhip?
    This blog explains very quickly the value proposition of startups hiring fractional sales leader. We outline why it’s a good idea for…
  • Best Practices for Lead Generation
    We provide the best practices any startup needs to understand to master the lead generation process and to grow your business
  • Best Marketing Automation Tools
    Sharing thoughts on the best marketing automation tools for startups. Small businesses need efficient sales and marketing automation is key
  • Following Up on Leads
    We share the best practices for any startup wishing to understand how to follow up on leads and to close more business
  • How much should you pay your SDR?
    Learn about the average salary and compensation packages of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). Discover how to maximize your earning potential and get the most out of your SDR job.
  • Startups: Outsourced SDRs
    Maximize lead generation and ROI with outsourced SDRs: learn how startups can use SDRs to ensure success in their growth plans & increase sales.
  • Why SDRs are Important
    Learn why SDRs are one of the most important hires to any startup. We highlight how they should be measured and can impact…
  • Sales Tools that Every Startup Needs
    We share the most important sales tools every startup should be using to accelerate their lead conversions and to close more business
  • All About Startup Sales Growth
    From years of startup sales experience we share out top tips and tricks for startups in any vertical to growth your business
  • Scale Startup Sales
    Learn how to scale sales in startups with strategies from successful entrepreneurs. Get the latest tips and tricks for efficiently growing your business & maximizing profits.
  • Sales Funnel for Startups
    Create a successful startup sales funnel with our easy-to-follow tips and advice. Learn how to generate more leads and maximize your revenue today!
  • B2B Startup Sales
    This blog provides valuable insights into the strategies and tactics of successful B2B startups for boosting sales. Learn how to scale your business and increase your customer base.
  • Startup sales success
    Learn the latest tactics to help startups to successfully sell their products and services. Get actionable advice from experts and discover proven strategies to help your business grow.
  • Startup Sales Strategies
    Learn the top strategies for successful sales and marketing in the startup world. Discover the best methods to maximize your ROI, and how to create a winning sales strategy.
  • Lead Generation Services by Your Sales Manager
    Discover why startups need to outsource lead generation activities and the top reasons why it can be beneficial. Explore the advantages of outsourcing lead generation and how it can help drive growth and success.
  • Startup Sales Prospecting Tips
    Learn the best practices for startup sales prospecting, including tips on researching target customers, crafting effective emails & outbound strategies, and more. Get the most out of your sales efforts with these expert tips!
  • How I used YSM’s SDRs to grow my SaaS Business
    Read my own story on how YourSalesManager’s SDRs helped me grow my own SaaS Startup business and it happened fast
  • “Fractional Sales Leadership for Startup: My Experience”
    Grow your startup faster with fractional sales leadership services. Learn how I used them to succeed in this blog.
  • Qualifications to become SDR?
    Become an SDR by understanding the usual qualifications for success. Learn the essential skills and traits you need to qualify for SDR roles, and how to make your application stand out.
  • SDR: Degree Needed?
    “Do you need a degree to become a successful SDR? Learn what qualifications and skills are essential in this blog, including the advantages of having a degree for this career path.”
  • Sales Dev Reps: What Do They Do?
    Learn more about the duties, responsibilities, and KPIs of sales development representatives (SDRs) for startups
  • Top 1% Real Estate Agents’ Sales Strategies
    Unlock the secrets of success from the top 1% of real estate agents and learn the best sales practices to help you close more deals.
  • Real estate sales tips
    Gain expert insight into effective real estate sales strategies and learn the best practices for successful transactions.

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