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Startup and Small Business Pricing

Our team of sales leaders can grow your business without growing your overhead costs.


Fractional Sales Leader vs. Hiring Full-Time Sales Leader

Fractional Sales Leader – Our Team

  • Controlled cost
  • No health insurance costs
  • No matching medicare and social security contributions
  • Full sales process experience which accelerates time to live and growth
  • Reduced recruiting and opportunity time costs and we provide ancillary recruiting services to build out the team anyways
  • No fees for cellphone or other reimbursements

Hiring a Full-Time Sales Leader

  • Dynamic cost with commissions and bonuses
  • Cost of a complete benefits package
  • Matching payroll contributions for Medicare, social security
  • Identifying an equally experienced sales leader as our team is time-consuming
  • Time and cost invested with a recruiter and interviewing can be invested elsewhere
  • Some orgs reimburse for internet and cell expenses

Sarah is an example of a recent college graduate working for YSM as an outsourced SDR.


YSM offers flexible pricing plans for startups and businesses. Pricing is based on sales talent location (USA vs. Offshore) and the level of their experience. Pricing begins at just $30 per hour.


Your Sales Manager offers fixed cost fees for sales operations professionals. Pricing starts at just $25 per hour and may be provided to clients at no charge with other combined services.

Melissa supporting one of her Sales Op clients remotely.

Bosko and Vito looking down from a company they own.

Bosko L.


“We hire Mike and his team for our ticketing software SaaS. I can’t emphasize enough how much of a difference it made. We were able to exit the business because of their work – no doubt.”

Chris smiling about his company Sun Dial LLC

Jared H.

Sun Dial LLC

“Honestly, I was skeptical at first. We’re in the home improvement space and I wasn’t sure if their experience would translate. I was wrong. Michael understands the trade business well and the ROI was significant.”

Michele smiling about her company Imbued.

Michele L.


“We’re a small boutique advertising company. We focus on franchises and Michael’s team had an immediate and long term impact on our sustained growth. Hire them!”

Pricing Questions and FAQs

Does your pricing include training salespeople?

Yes, it does. We can work with your team to develop a sales training and reinforcement program that fits with your org and vertical. Our whole team has attended, developed, and facilitated numerous training programs in our collective careers.

Is your price reflective of all costs?

The prices listed above include all costs outside of any additional fees negotiated prior to engagement. For instance, your organization may desire something a little different based on your sales structure and vertical.

Our prices do not include any costs associated with travel to and from your place of business if required. We typically can affect our services from our respective locations without travel. The only instance where we would travel to your organization would be if you request that. Those costs would be billed back to your organization thereafter.

In extraordinary circumstances, there may be additional fees surrounding the nature of non-competes we’d be willing to sign. If we’re being asked to sign a non-compete for a large vertical with a large geographical limitation, we’d potentially consider signing such an agreement if it makes sense for us – and you.

How do you invoice us?

We’re formally organized as an LLC. All of our fractional sales leaders are paid from the LLC, which keeps things simple for you. At the end of each month, after services have been provided, we’ll submit an invoice for payment.

Are there time commitments or contracts?

We will typically require a 12-month commitment as that is the time it will traditionally take to provide real ROI. In certain circumstances, we’ll engage in shorter contracts, and in those cases, there could be additional fees.

Many of our current clients started with a 12-month contract which have now become almost evergreen in nature. We continue to provide them value and in return, they retain our services for an almost continuous service.

Our sister company,, offers small businesses and startups fractional HR services.