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Outsourced SDR & Lead Generation

Over a decade of proven success in powering startups to scalable growth

Outsourced SDRs and Lead Generation Services

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Reputation & Track Record

  • Established Credibility: Successfully spearheaded campaigns for over 50+ startups
  • Consistent High Performance: Year after year, our sales manager has exceeded targets
  • Entrepreneurial Background: Team members have raised capital and exited their own startups
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Relevant Industry Experience

  • Industry-Specific Knowledge: We’ve touched 12 different industries and numerous business models
  • Network of Connections: We’re networked with industry leaders, and startup capital ecosystem
  • Customized Approach: ensures that strategies are tailored to each startup’s niche
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Quality & Training of our SDRs

  • Industry-Specific Training: Our SDRs are sales industry trained and startup environment flexible
  • High Retention Rate: We boast one of the industry’s lowest SDR turnover rates of just 3% YoY
  • Specialized Skill Development: We emphasize startup sales skills like solution selling & objection handling

Cultural Fit & Brand Alignment

  • Feedback Mechanism: Feedback loops are established to ensure alignment based on org nuances
  • Flexible Adaptation: Our approach to cultural fit is flexible and adaptable to changes and shifts.
  • Brand Representation: We’ll understand your ethos, mission, and values

Flexible Pricing and Contracts

  • Performance-Based Pricing: Options for outcome based pricing so startups pay for results, not efforts
  • Customizable Contracts: No two startups are the same, therefore our contracts are always customizable
  • Clear Exit Clauses: Clear exit clauses to ensure startups have the freedom & flexibility to pivot as needed

Communication & Reporting

  • Transparent Metrics: We provide clear reporting on all relevant KPIs, ensuring you know where you stand
  • Customizable Dashboards: Clients can access real-time data via customizable dashboards
  • Dedicated Point of Contact: Clients are assigned a dedicated contact, ensuring consistent communication

Expert Outsourced SDRs and Lead Generation Services

Sales Industry Trained SDRs.

When you choose our team of outsourced SDRs for lead generation services, you’re not just getting a group of individuals; you’re getting a pool of proven sales talent, trained to drive your growth story forward while you maintain focus on your core business.

  • Trained in at least 2 sales training courses
  • Many are Karrass negotiating certified
  • Familiar with most sales tech stacks
  • Can work flexible hours to fit your customers’ schedule

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Sales Enablement Tools our SDRs Leverage

CRM integration

Ability to integrate with leading Customer Relationship Management systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, PipeDrive, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, and most others

Marketing automation

Platforms such as Mailchimp, Marketo, or HubSpot to automate email outreach, track open and response rates, and segment contacts for personalized messaging

call cadence automation

Solutions like Outreach, Salesloft, or RingDNA allow for automated call scheduling, recording, and logging directly into the CRM; Call analytics are used to gather marketing intelligence

lead intelligence tools

Platforms like ZoomInfo or LeadIQ to gather intelligence on leads – understanding their roles, companies, and potential pain points

social selling tools

Platforms like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to target, understand, and engage with leads on social platforms; industry specific solutions are used too

data privacy & compliance

Ensure that leads’ data is protected and that outreach methods comply with regulations like GDPR or CCPA; we offer HIPPA compliant soutions too

Outsourced SDR Companies | Why YSM?

Experience working with the following companies

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We know startup sales.

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