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Fractional Sales Leadership

Outsourced Sales Management, VP of Sales, Fractional CRO, & Interim Sales Executive Services

Contract Sales Leadership for Startups and Small Business

Two founders at a desk smiling looking at a YSM Fractional Sales Leader for advice

Fractional Sales Leaders

Sales leadership made easy: industry & company specific plans from years of sales & startup experience.

Experienced Leadership: Your Sales Manager provides top-tier fractional sales management tailored to your needs.

Part-time VP of Sales

Part-time VP of Sales services: industry specific experience, flexible engagement, and proven results.

Beyond Sales: Our team comprises seasoned entrepreneurs who have not only led sales but have also raised capital and exited businesses.

Temporary CRO

Providing interim CRO services: customized strategies, affordable expansion, and expert support.

Entrepreneurial Insight: Benefit from both sales leadership experience and deep entrepreneurial understanding. We’ve been in your shoes.




Our team has raised capital and exited companies in many of the following industries SaaS, Software, CPG, DTC, Services, E-commerce, & Home Services.

2. Past Successes

Assisted >300 companies with a range of revenue increase from 8% to 703% across 12 different industries. As a matter of fact, we’ve helped exit companies

3. Leadership & Training

Our sales leaders possess experience in both inside and field sales setups. They’ve all received industry recognized sales management courses. Additionally, most of them have previously secured funding and exited their own startups.



Our process starts by understanding your company culture, then goes on to not only fit in quickly but also enhance team morale. Our presence is usually a net positive.

2. Communication Style

We’re process-focused & we lead with communication. Correspondingly, We use a communication feedback loop that fits your needs.

3. Flexibility

Startups and small companies often face swiftly changing business environments. That’s why our interim sales leaders excel in quickly adapting, readily pivoting strategies as situations demand.



Our pricing is flexible and we’re open to creative payment arrangements. All costs are transparent with no hidden fees. Most arrangements are fixed fees.

2. Flexible Contract Terms

As your business grows, your needs may change. Therefore, there’s always an option to scale up or down or even terminate the relationship if we don’t perform.

3. ROI & Metrics

We ensure transparency by clearly pointing out the expected return on investment. Our approach is metric focused, highlighting the value we deliver. Most of all, we swiftly offset our costs by generating new revenue for your company


To Illustrate Our Impact on Startups

Cliffton T

DTC Company

“…Your Sales Manager changed how we sell. Part-time leadership was the game changer.…”

Sarah H.

Professional Svcs. Company

“Sales went way up! Their sales management was just what our team wanted.

Bosko L.

SaaS – Hospitality Industry

“...Tangible results in weeks! Your Sales Manager’s approach truly delivers.…”

Moriah J.

SaaS in Real Estate

…They raised our sales and gave us a simple sales method. Every startup should use Your Sales Manager!...”

Sales Leaders with Enterprise & Startup Experience

Number of Clients We’ve Assisted

Number of Industries We’ve Touched

Years of Sales Leadership Experience

above all, We Know fractional sales management for startups

Accelerate Your Startup’s Growth.

Given that as a startup, your success hinges on rapid growth, securing funding, and creating a strong sales foundation we’d welcome a conversation to share our experiences as well as learn more about your company.

At Your Sales Manager (YSM), we’re experts in sales management and our services are built for small businesses. Above all else, our sales management experience is specifically valuable for startups, especially those in the process of raising capital or who have already secured funding.

Looking to Hire a Temporary Sales Director?

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In Case, You’re Looking for Fractional Sales Leadership FAQs

How much does a Fractional Sales Leader Cost?

What’s the cost? It’s a big question, especially for new businesses. For startups, our prices are clear. For others, there are no hidden costs. If you’re an older company needing sales help or a part time CRO, let’s talk. We’ll make our prices fit just right for you.

What are the contract terms for a Fractional or Interim Sales Executive?

Our contract terms are easy going, especially for startups. Everything can be discussed, from how long the contract is, to payment details and ending it early. We’re open to a chat about most parts of the service contract.

What does the onboarding process look like for an Interim Sales Executive?

We know adding a new leader to your team can be tricky, especially temporary ones. So, we made a simple and fast way to welcome them. Our interim sales leaders fit right into different company vibes, understand your business fast, and get in sync with your team. We aim to make changes smooth, keep things running, and boost work. With our help, adding our experienced sales leaders can be easy and great for your business.

What are the benefits of hiring a temporary fractional Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)?

In today’s fast paced business world, not all companies need or can pay for a full time Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). This is where an interim CRO helps. You get the experience of a top executive without the full time price. They help with sales plans, boost revenue, and make sure marketing and sales work together. They’re flexible to your schedule.

When should you think about getting a temporary CRO? Look at these signs:

  • Flat or Dropping Sales: If either the bottom or top line aren’t growing, a CRO can give advice to boost them.
  • Sales and Marketing Don’t Match: If these teams aren’t working together, a CRO can help them team up.
  • Slow Sales Results: If sales take long, don’t convert, or cost a lot to get, an expert can guide you.
  • Growth Issues: If your business is getting bigger, a CRO makes sure it grows in a good way.
What makes Your Sales Manager (YSM) the best Fractional Sales Leadership Company for startups?

Startups do best with experienced leaders. At Your Sales Manager, we’re more than just a part time sales leader group. We’re the secret weapon for many startups. Our team knows sales, how to adjust quickly, get funding, change direction, and set up for business success. With us, you get more than just sales plans. You benefit from years of sales management experience, making sure your startup grows strong in a tough market.

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