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Specialized Sales Recruiting for Startups

We’re Experts at Sourcing Top Sales Talent and Our Fees are a Fit for Small Businesses

Best in Class Sales Recruiting

Fast and Effective Sales Recruitment

We’ve interviewed thousands and hired hundreds of sales professionals, perfecting a unique ability to identify top sales talent swiftly and accurately.

Industry-Specific Expertise

We have experience across a spectrum of industries, enabling us to understand your needs and match you with the best sales talent for your product or service.

Sale Recruiting for Startups

We understand the unique challenges faced by startups. Recruiting the right sales talent can significantly influence your business trajectory.

Uncover Hidden Gems: Our Unique Approach to Spotting Sales Talent

Qualified Sellers.

We look for candidates who are naturally coachable, have a knack for establishing relationships, and the tenacity to pursue opportunities until they are realized. Our method doesn’t just fill vacancies; it builds effective sales teams by ensuring every new hire is the right fit for your specific business needs. Our approach not only speeds up the hiring process, but also makes it much more cost-effective by significantly reducing turnover.


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Sales Team Recruiting Services



Sales, at its core, is a human endeavor, requiring a team that can navigate and execute the sales process. At YSM, we excel at helping organizations build outstanding sales teams and fostering a culture of success.


Sales isn’t just about making transactions; it’s a carefully crafted process, and we’ve built our business around this principle. A superb product/market fit is just the beginning; the magic happens when it’s combined with a streamlined, effective sales process.


Our mission is to grow your revenue, and we do this by focusing on the sales process and managing through measurable performance indicators. We’ll secure your long-term growth, ensuring your company continues to flourish, even when our direct involvement concludes.

Driving Revenue Growth.

Consider complementing your sales recruiting needs with our outsourced SDR services. Learn More.

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