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Fractional Sales Leaders & Outsourced Lead Generation

Bringing enterprise & startup expertise, including raising capital & multiple company exits


Headquartered in sunny Seattle, Washington with team members throughout the globe

A fractional sales manager is sitting in the Your Sales Manager office teaching new SDRs about lead generation

Outsourced Sales

We offer companies of all sizes both full and part-time outsourced SDR or business development services (BDRs).

  • Lead Generation: Identifying and developing potential customers for your products or services.
  • Sales Development (SDR Services): Qualifying leads and setting appointments.
  • Full Sales Cycle Management: From lead generation, nurturing deals, & closing leads.
  • Account Mgmt: Farming existing client relationships for upselling, & cross selling chances
A middle aged woman in a suit who represents a typical fractional sales leader for Your Sales Manager

Fractional Sales Leaders

Our team of experienced sales leaders can serve as your CRO, VP of sales, or sales manager.

  • Sales Strategy Development: Crafting a sales strategy tailored to specific market needs.
  • Team Building & Training: Assembling and training high performing sales teams
  • Sales Process Optimization: Refining sales processes to enhance outcomes
  • Performance KPIs & Analytics: Setting, tracking, and analyzing key performance indicators
A fractional sales operations team member from Your Sales manager is in our Seattle office looking and smiling into the camera

Fractional Sales Ops

We’re experts at the sales process and offer fractional sales operation managers to drive sales efficiency.

  • Sales Process Design: Mapping out & refining the sales processes fit to business needs.
  • CRM Implementation & Mgmt Setting up, customizing, and managing CRM tools
  • Sales Data Analytics: Analyzing sales data to provide actionable insights.
  • Sales Forecasting: Using historical data to predict future sales performance and trends.

Companies we’ve touched – as a customer, worked for, or exited to

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Fractional Sales management

Sales Process Experts.

We’re experts in helping small companies, particularly those in the midst of or post venture capital fundraising.

We provide your startup or small business with the right type of sales support to enhance revenue growth.

Above all, we have track records of success. Most of us have successfully exited our own companies. We’ve worked in most industries and understand the unique needs of most verticals.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand the need to control costs. Therefore, we offer flexible contracts and creative payment structures.

A blue board with a hand moving pieces across a sales process flow chart

Sales Leadership Experience

  • Individual Expertise: Each team member is skilled in navigating the venture capital landscape across 12 different industries.
  • Secured Funding: Successfully acquired funds for their own startups.
  • Guided Success: Steered their respective startups toward eventual exits.

Transparent and Real Time Reporting

  • Tech-Savvy Approach: Our team is up to date on the best and most cost-efficient marketing and sales automation tools.
  • Process Enabled: Understand how and where to insert SaaS tools.
  • Exclusive Assets: Have developed tools that are proprietary and unique to our firm.

Budget Friendly Terms & Contracts

  • Startup Insight: We recognize the cost challenges startups face & our pricing reflects the nature of startup finances
  • Flexible Pricing: Your Sales Manager offers adaptable pricing structures.
  • Supporting Growth: Tailored to champion both flexibility and business expansion.

More than a Sales Strategy and Sales Leadership Consultant

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Proven Startup Experience & Track Record

  • Veteran Sales Leadership: Benefit from our industry specific sales team outsourcing experience.
  • Track Record: Our outsourced sales solutions consistently drive B2B and B2C growth.
  • Real Results: Through our outsourced SDR and sales leadership, we’ve achieved unparalleled success rates.

Cultural Fit and Seamless Communication

  • Adaptive Integration: As a top fractional sales leadership company, we ensure a cultural fit tailored to your business ethos.
  • Open Channels: Regular, transparent communication, providing insightful sales as a service (SaaS) updates.
  • Local Understanding: Our outsourced sales department understands local and regional market nuances, ensuring effective lead generation and conversion.
An almost finished puzzle with the last piece reading price and the whole where the piece goes reading value

Transparent Pricing and Flexible Contracts

  • Budget Conscious Solutions: Achieve scalable sales with our cost effective outsourced sales team packages.
  • Transparent Commitments: No hidden fees, full stack sales outsourcing clarity every step of the way.
  • Tailored Terms: As experts in fractional CRO and sales director services, our contracts adapt to your evolving business needs.

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